ATS Self Study

Aquinas Institute of Theology takes its role as an Accredited Theology School very seriously, and is currently preparing for the re-evaluation of accreditation process that occurs once per decade.   

“Every ten years, an evaluation team comes to visit the school, and we all work to prepare an in-depth institutional self-study,” explained Juliet Mousseau, R.S.C.J., Assistant Professor of Church History and faculty director of the self-study.  “The self-study includes information on areas such as our academic programs, educational standards of what we require from our students, and curriculum – including faculty background and student resources.  In addition, we evaluate our health as an institution, including our fidelity to our mission, governance structures, and financial well-being.”

The accreditation standards are comprised of: General Institutional Standards, General Educational Standards, and Degree Program Standards.  

General Institutional Standards are outlined in the following areas, and are expected of all members:

  1. Purpose, planning and evaluation
  2. Institutional integrity
  3. Theological curriculum: learning, teaching, research
  4. Library and information resources
  5. Faculty
  6. Student recruitment, admission, services and placement
  7. Authority and governance
  8. Institutional resources

More in-depth information on how Aquinas Institute is meeting those standards will be made available to alumni, students and potential students as the time for evaluation in 2016 draws closer.