Online-Hybrid Learning at Aquinas Institute

aquinas hybrid learning

Find the information you need to make your online-learning experience a positive one. Please bear with us as we continue to develop the resources on this page.

  • Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements for Online Courses at Aquinas Institute
  • Learning Online
    • Communicating online: Clearly and respectfully communicating ideas in a timely way
    • Learning online
    • Taking exams
    • Expectations
  • On-Campus (Hybrid) Intensives
    • What is an Intensive?
    • When does the Intensive take place during the course?
    • What makes up Intensive content and activity?
    • What is the basic course Intensive schedule?
    • What are transportation, meal and accomodation options during Intensives?
    • What are other Intensive schedules (exceptions to the basic schedule)?